Wednesday, August 8, 2012

About me

So I have been contemplating for a while doing this blogging thing about . I really enjoy reading all the plus size blogs out there from around the world and especially the ones from Australia. I love seeing what other women wear, how they wear it and what's available out there. I love seeing women confident in thier bodies and embracing who they are and wearing what they want, what makes them feel good. I guess I come at this from a slightly different angle in that I am a little older than I am guessing a lot of other bloggers are. That said, I really am only just discovering what it is I want to wear, rather than what I've always felt I should wear or for the longest time what I could wear because the choices were so limited in the past. I am also a Mumma to two girls, work full time, love to eat, read and sleep and have a long-term love affair with shoes and handbags. So, that's the basics about me.

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