Sunday, August 12, 2012


I love a surprise. I got a pleasant one on Saturday when shopping with Miss 4 (for nail polish and lipstick of course) and on the advise of a good friend decided to drop into Best and Less - she had informed me they had a nice pair of aqua coloured jeans and the promise of plus-size coloured denim is to much for me to resist these days. Now, as we know Best and Less is not a bastion of high fashion - its a basics, cheapy socks and undies kind of place so imagine my surprise to be confronted with a rather pleasant display of items and what's more, right in front me was what appeared to be a top identical to one I'd been coveting a few months back from Dorothy Perkins. I had it pinned to my Pinterest board so I checked and it is exactly the same - score!! Only $25 too - it's this one:

So that was scooped up along with a cute black short sleeve shirt with white bird print that I am sure you'll be seeing soon. So a few words on my new purchase - I had thought the top would be more like a tee when I first saw it online, but it isn't. Its a viscose and has no stretch, but it isn't shaped at all. I bought mine in a 22 and to be honest it is a bit fitted across my belly and around my arms, but a size up and I think it'd be too baggy around my torso. It has an exposed gold zip at the back - I kind of like that trend. So now what to wear it with: I am thinking coral or dark denim.

Also spotted was this very pretty sleeveless blouse, also previously seen on Dotty P so I am thinking Best and Less have tapped Dorothy Perkins' supplier!

Unfortunately that particular BnL seemed to be out of aqua jeans, but they did have some nice brigth coral ones, as well as a great array items in shades of coral, navy, aqua plus prints featuring birds and polka dots. Well worth checking out.


  1. How interesting! I have seen many bloggers post about Dorothy Perkins but never really looked into their stock myself. I think another browse in Best & Less is in order! I have found they have been really moving along with with plus size range, getting better and better with each season. It is so exciting!

  2. I have that top. Just waiting to wear it ;)