Wednesday, August 8, 2012


So part of what spurred me into action was perusing my regular blog haunts and seeing the launch of Aussie Curves out into the big wide blogging world.  What a fabulous idea and as the theme was 'boots' and I happened to be wearing my favourite boots yesterday I made my husband take a few snaps when I got home.

So here I am in all my booting glory. I realised that aside from my boots, everything else I'm wearing is from Big W!

Black cardigan - Big W
Dress/tunic - Big W
Black full length leggings - Big W
Boots – Sara

My boots are a low heeled boot from Sara. I bought these when Sara launched their first range of boots which must have been 2009 - I am sure I would have bought them on sale (that is my general modus operandi) and they are so comfortable, more than adequately accommodating my wide calves and wide feet.

Sara had quite an expanded range of boots this winter including leather and non-leather - with a number of styles currently on sale.  I already have high heeled boots in black and tan, but after seeing how nice the brown brogues looked on a real person thanks to 2ManyCupcakes and for a measly $49 am very tempted to get a pair.


  1. WOW gorgeous! Have seen some great stuff in Big W. Plus had no idea Sara did boots, will keep an eye out now. Thanks for the heads up ;)

  2. Niiice! BigW have some great pieces, this outfit looks great on you. Love the print.

  3. I love wearing tunics too! Tunics and leggings seem to have become my go to look.

  4. Cute boots! They look great with that tunic! :)

  5. I too have boots from Sara. Mine are cowgirl variety. I recently had then resoled and heeled because they are so amazing they were worth spending the $.

    I have also just ordered two pairs from the sale. Fingers crossed they fit my calves as well as my current ones do!

  6. You look great! I picked up a top or two at BigW the other day. Loving the current range. So fun.

    And I know what you mean, I spotted those boots at 2 Many Cupcakes and wait listed myself. Turns out I didn't have to wait long, they're being shipped this week!! Squee.